From the Woman Who Inspired Val in Valor

Valor, the short film, is rooted in storytelling by and about women. Today, I’m excited to hear from Melinda, who is my mother and the inspiration for Valor. In the video, she compares her actual experience with the film’s story and shares how she learned about the film.

My Confession.

When I initially began writing this story, I didn’t tell my mom at all. I wrote it from my own perspective of growing up hearing the story, my personal experience researching it, and talking to many gracious 90’s moms who shared their birth experiences with me. For months, my parents would ask about it and I shared the writing was going well but didn’t mention it’s subject material. Personally, I was both so inspired by the story and also wanted to tell my own version of it, so I kept it under wraps until I was ready.

Then, I finally shared a draft of the script and crossed my fingers for their approval.

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